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raspberry pi 3, where buy?


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ok, although we men get older, toys are our soft spot; i mean look at all the arguments 'pro' toys on this forum, some are expensive toys, but we manage to convince ourselves they are 'need to haves'...

that's about where i am now with the whole situation around the raspberry, it seems like a nifty 'need to have' for the solar system and youtube has me pretty much convinced on 'investing' in one.

i'd like some informed [objective?] takes on this and a lead to a reasonable price.

oh yes, nearly forgot, we had 21mm of rain for in vredenburg up to this morning [for april] - one mm above the 44 year average. our annual average is now 3mm above 44 year avg - praise the Lord!

God bless!


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Here you go: https://www.pishop.co.za/store/raspberry-pi-3---model-b

When we developed SolWEB we wrote for Windows 1st because at the time a Mecer tablet was +- the same price as a Pi after you added the 'tomato sauce' in the casing + PSU + the right SD card. Allegedly there are quirks with different make and model SD cards in the Pi's. There was a some advice here on the forum somewhere.

Versus a tablet that came with a built in bigger hdd + built in screen + a built in battery, it's own "UPS" - helps when one forgets to switch off all during system maintenance, for Pi's and SD cards do not like their power just to be switched off.

Now, as the software ran over time on tablets, old and new, we found quirks on data from Axperts, dual and single, on GoodWE's, Microcare, Morningstar and even Victron. Zonhan controllers being the most interesting. Once we understood when and why, we coded for these anomalies and the system became stable. Some data quirks we dealt with inside SQL with Stored Procedures.

Why am I telling you this?

It is better to go the Pi route if the developer originally coded for a Pi.

Another thought to consider. Ask the supplier of the software if you can take your existing tablet, install Linux on it, and then the software you want to run.

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1 hour ago, gabriel said:

that's about where i am now with the whole situation around the raspberry, it seems like a nifty 'need to have' for the solar system and youtube has me pretty much convinced on 'investing' in one.

First stop, a buddy of mine made this search engine that searches all the most common hobbyist sites (including the one TTT listed). I doesn't search RS-components though, and they aren't necessarily always priced that badly, though you have to factor in shipping. So basically check these two.

Also check XT Comp on BoB, no Pi as far as I cam see, but sells some nice related stuff and I've had good experiences with this seller.

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I have been playing with the Raspberry Pi since I could get my hands on them. Mostly bought from Pishop because they have a large selection of related stuff and is now an official distributor with good prices. My advice would be to wait for their Icasa approval for the latest model 3B+ as it has many improvements. Mostly I just access the Pi from my computer with RealVNC viewer, which is free but also connect the Pi to a second HDMI port on my VDU to view the video output directly. A great add-on board is the IQAudio Class D amplifier to make a. sound system and I have two of these running. Output is 20W per channel stereo but can be increased to 35W. Take a look at the Arduino stuff too as that is easily programmable, particularly if you are not a seasoned programmer. Wish I was a decade or four younger to enjoy all the wonders of our time a bit longer.

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My friends and I always buy Raspberry Pi from Pishop. We often use them to connect ouor thermal modules, such as IRay T3 and FLIR Boson.There are various kinds of accessories and fittings available. I can buy them at once, without searching and buying on different platforms.

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