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Goodwe ES 5048 WIFI problem and cycling grid and PV on and off


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I bought a secondhand Goodwe ES 5048 inverter.  It was on firmware 1717A, this worked ok expect the WIFI was problematic and the main problem was the inverter will not use PV in Grid Mode if the Grid is off.  It only uses battery.  GoodWE then updated the firmware to 2424A this solved this problem, now it will use PV to support the load in Grid Mode when the grid is off.  The next problem was the WIFI would go in dead mode and you can't reset it with the reset button.  The only way was to reboot the inverter.  Also since yesterday the inverter will drop the grid when the grid is on.  I asked Goodwe to update the firmware to the latest 2424H as this would solve the WIFI problem.  Now after the update the inverter will work fine for 10min, drop the grid, support the load with PV and battery, after another 10min drop the PV and only use battery to support the load.  A few minutes the inverter will pickup the grid and PV again.  This seems to be an endless cycle now.  Anyone with advise or similar problems.  Apparently Goodwe China did some updates on the inverters yesterday not sure if this causes this problem now? 

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