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Smaller Hybrid Inverters


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The following senario :

1.  1x Axpert 3kw 24 V inverter that provide the essential load with 2 x Lead Acid batteries. 

2. Installed a Kodak 3kW Grid tie inverter with panels to provide relief on the energy usage from the Munic. 

Very cost effective and works well and has been operating for over 3 years . 


Now the issues : 1.The batteries needs to  be replaced and could be replaced with Lithium batteries.

2. The 8- 10 hours of loadshedding you lose out on the PV generation because of the inherent switch off of the grid-tie inverter whenever the supply is off.


Options :

1. Replace the batteries and take two panels directly to the Axpert ( think it can handle about 800W) 

2. Run the gridtie after the Axpert so that it is always on - anyone that has done that and can comment on that ?

3. Replace the two inverters with Hybrid inverter - Any smalller Hybrids that run from 24V that anyone can reccomend? The customer is a pensioner and the aim is to be as cost effective as possible .

Any suggestions/ Comments 



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Replacing of inverters is the nice way to go but costly. 

For back up lead acid won't do it. Get lithium and an external 30/40A and re-purpose some of the grid tied panels to the capacity of the external new MPPT. Ensure this MPPT does have settings for lithium like the Epever which is far cheaper than the blue brigade. 

Use the maximum panels the Axpert MPPT can take but stay well clear of the Voc of the Axpert. 

On a 50/50 I would try and sell the grid tied but don't expect too much for it. It can still generate 50% of normal power even with LS as it is. That is what I get on my grid tied system. Some days perhaps less if there are clouds and 12-16h or 10-14h LS. 

NB. Do not try to use the Axpert as an input to the grid tied. The grid tied is connected to the whole DB so if it does run you will be feeding back to the grid when Eskom is off with a bad outcome for staff that might work on the Eskom side. 

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