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Using IR, C and C lost at 24S Li-pack


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I am preparing a 24S 5P LiFePO4 battery pack for my e-moped.
I bought 200pcs 32700 cylindrical cells to use 120 of them for this. I will not use 10 of them because of the capacity and IR. (The cells are very bad even though they are brand-new)
I measured the capacity(3,65>2,6@3A) of the batteries, Internal Resistance (AC 1Khz) and capacity loss in 1 month [full charge>1 month later, full charge=delta C](not SoH).
web based Repakr, which works online, uses a single variable (C).
Nemo@secondlifestorage prepared excel based RepakR. This document can deploy using both C and IR. (unfortunately I can't use C-lost here )

1-Is there a reason why the dev-from avg mAh is high at the first S?

2- Would it be of any practical use to use more powerful cells at the mostnegative in 24S?

3-Is there any problem in distribution?

4-Is there a better way to do it manually in excel?

Thanks for help. : )









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Good evening Occuplus, nice build, but please clarify " # of cells in pack" ? Are these wired in parallel? In which case you have a 5p 24s battery, which is very different to a 24s 5p battery, or do I have my nonmenclature (sp?) wrong way around? 


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