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3 phase Sunsync inverter with 2 phase grid power

Lionel Weltie


I have just purchased a 3 phase Sunsynk inverter for my 3 phase house only to discover that our grid electricity supplier has somehow joined 2 of the phases into one therefore I only have 2 phases even though my DB board is wired as a 3 phase. This has affected the ability of the grid to charge my batteries and the inverter reads as error. Please advise if there is work around until the grid supplier comes out to rectify, they usually take months to sort this out and I doubt my patience will hold

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Nope, not possible @Lionel Weltie , one of my friends had the same issue so not unheard off, his supply was actually a bridged single phase supply. 

Better of just getting an 8 or 16kw Sunsynk and converting your house to single phase supply (very easy to do, takes 5 minutes for an electrician, they just bridge the phases on the supply side, no need to rewire the board)


I assume you have no 3-phase loads or they would already not be working. 

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