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Amber Energy review and query

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Howdy all, starting this thread to find out if there are any others on here that have had dealings with a company called Amber Energy and if so what your experience has been like?

My dealings have been costly and disappointing to say the least. 

I initially used them to setup a system based on my then budget constraints how ever I had advised them that as cash came on that I would upgrade and for them to make provision for these upgrades.

My initial install consisted of a Victron Multiplus 5KVA, BSL Batt 6.5 and 14 Panels.

After a few upgrades with them and hundreds of thousands of rands spent, the end result was 5 x BSL Batt 6.5 batteries, two victron inverters and months of issues.

In desperation I reached out to a few installers on here to find out who could assist with the ongoing issues and system failure that I had endured but they were all too busy or reluctant to fix another companies mess.

I did manage to get a Victron certified installer to take on the task of redoing the entire system and they are now busy handling  the RMA process with Victron / Get Off Grid after an inverter died, was sent back for repairs and after having the unit returned we have subsequently learnt that nothing was done to the unit and it was returned in the state that it was sent to them.

I’ll update this thread with additional information as soon as possible.

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Hi there saw your post regarding Amber Energy. If I may ask who did you deal with at Amber Energy? We are having similar sounding issues. We had a Sunsynk inverter with panels and batteries and it has been just issues since the installation. They were supposed to install an 8kw inverter, on the day of installation they rocked up with a 5kw. Then there were issues with the CT coils position and even after that there were still problems because they had connected the CT coil to the incorrect pins in the inverter. Its been a year now and recently our data logger stopped working, according to them they have never seen the issue but if you look online there are plenty complaints regarding this. Our datalogger was collected by Amber Energy, they have had it for 3 weeks with little to no feedback of what the problem is. Frustrated. 

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