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Axpert Max II 10Kw-48


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13 hours ago, andreaIta said:

First when powen on inverter, I have from 2A to 5A of reactive energy in my AC line IN.

It's normal for an inverter to consume some volt-amps-reactive (VARs) from the AC input. I measured over an amp on my 4 kW / 5 kVA inverter, so a 10 kW model would draw almost 3 amps. Reactive current like this, especially capacitive reactive current like this is not a problem. You don't pay for it, and it tends to cancel inductive reactive current from motors. So it will often result in lower total current through your mains wiring. 

13 hours ago, andreaIta said:

Secondly Solar charging + Utility not work.

That could be a settings issue. What charging source priority are you using? 

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