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New Nersa Tarrifs Just signed into Law


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New Tax/Levy for Licensed Electricity Generators

The new levy has effectively been signed by the minister and has been back-dated to the 1st April 2018.

Not having any other pertinent information contained in volume nr 635 of the 8th May 2018 Gazette nr. 41615 simply contains the text as indicated in the image below.

image showing the original document signed by the minister

New Levy for registered electricity generators

The Term "electricity generators" referred to in the document would seem to suggest large generators that have generation licenses and would probably include the likes of all the REIPPP plants as well as any subsequent large solar PV rooftop or ground-mount plants that are registered with NERSA as generators.

It may also impact municipalities generating their own power.

Downstream this may have an impact on end-users, as well as affecting the financial feasibility and pay-back or ROI of large generation facilities.

All generators less than 1MW does not seem to be affected by this notice.

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