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Bio Mower

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Self propelled automatic eco friendly lawnmower. Powered by grass, free fertiliser as a by product! Prunes trees up to a level of 80cm above the ground. Edge trimming function! :)

I got annoyed with the paradox of trying to grow grass as fodder outside of the garden fence, and cutting it with a lawnmower on the inside of the fence. Made no sense. So I have sheep to do the job for me. Currently I have 7, but when spring comes I'll build it up to 40 or 50, and maybe let them loose in the garden on weekends.   






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I keep them out of our vegetables etc. You just need to pay attention to what they eat and don't eat. Aloes and succulents are fine, other plants may be nibbled up to a certain height. I will just replace palatable with unpalatable plants. Although our chickens have worked through most of the palatable ones in any case already. The sheep are well fed though so they generally concentrate on the grass.

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