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How to find axpet vmii fiermwaer plz help me


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4 hours ago, zaroky said:

Needs to find vmii refl[a]sh tool

It's in the files section of this forum:

I see that there is also the firmware for a VMIII model. They almost certainly use the same reflash tool, so if you have trouble opening the .rar file (I use 7-zip, a free download, just Google it), you can open the .zip file for the VMIII by double clicking on it, and use the UPSReflashTool.exe from that zip file.

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15 hours ago, Arsalan said:

How to download inverex vmii firmwear

I believe that there is Axpert VM II firmware in the files section of this forum.

But Inverex inverters seem to be a bit different to other Voltronic Power manufactured inverters; I suspect that they have customised firmware, at least in some cases. The firmware on this forum is fairly old now, I'm guessing 1-2 years, and you have not said why you want the firmware. So: it may be older than what you have, it may not be customised for Inverex hardware, and it might not work at all. Plus, from 3 posts ago, you might need more posts before you can download. Perhaps you can rack up a post or two answering some of these questions.

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