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Goodwe GW5048D-ES "SOC delta over range" error


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my inverter (Goodwe GW5048D-ES) sometimes (+- once a week) shuts down and restarts reporting the error "SOC delta over range. Please check the battery capacity setting and charge voltage setting". It always happens in the morning when the batteries start charging. Goodwe customer support told me that if my battery capacity and charge voltages have been set correctly there is nothing to worry about it and I can ignore the message. The settings are as follows:

battery capacity: 400Ah

bulk current: 50A (this is the inverter limit although the batteries could take 200A according to the spec sheet)

absorb voltage: 57.1V (56.8 measured on batteries)

tail current: 4A (1%)

tail current time < 4A before going to float: 20 minutes

float voltage: 54.6: (54.2 measured on batteries)

what do you think causes this error message? What can I do to prevent this from happening? Maybe I can ask the Goodwe engineers what parameters the code uses to determine the fault condition. 



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11 minutes ago, Fuenkli said:

what do you think causes this error message?

Probably the same issue we always discuss with BMVs resetting prematurely or not at all.

Essentially it counts the piggies as they leave the shed, and counts them again as they come back, and as the shed starts to fill up it expects a slowdown in the flow of piggies. Swap piggies for electrons and the shed for a battery. If we've replaced all the piggies and there's been no slow-down in flow, or if there is a slow-down in flow and before all the piggies are back... something is out of wack.

Some possibilities are that you have the wrong battery capacity set or that your charge voltage is too low (so the so-called tail current drops too low too soon). That explains the error message. It might also be that it's just natural battery degradation of a peukert factor that's higher than the Goodwe takes into account... in other words what you see here is akin to the occasional BMV reset, and can in fact be ignored.

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2 hours ago, Fuenkli said:

I hope the shut downs and restarts will not stress the inverter.

I would think it is not good.

But more on the side of the things connected to it, not all things, just some, that goes off, then back on.

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3 hours ago, The Terrible Triplett said:

But more on the side of the things connected to it, not all things, just some, that goes off, then back on.

fortunately this is not a problem with a GTI. The power just comes from the grid instead of from the inverter. Did some data research after reading Plonkster's reply. What I found out is that the inverter's SOC calculation is always a bit to optimistic (ok this is only based on measuring the voltage of the batteries because I do not have a BMV). So if I reduce the Battery capacity setting to lets say 350Ah instead of 400Ah maybe the SOC calculation will be more accurate and the error condition will not occur anymore. 

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