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1/300 solar tracking device for heliostats

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I have invented a 1/300 of a degree solar tracking device and are looking to either license the technology or build and rent out complete heliostat fields heating a solar tower. Building the heliostats with its peripherals such as linear actuators and Fresnel matrix grid array mirrors are well known in the art. Tracking the sun with acceptable accuracy has traditionally been a costly and complicated endeavor, my tracking device solves this problem. Both thermal and concentrated photo voltaic applications are possible. The industry standard is to focus over 800 suns on triple junction cell. Tripple junction is costly, an alternative is to focus 50 suns on a plain mono crystalline cell, covered in epoxy glue and immersed in a glass sealed container. Water is continuously pumped to cool the setup.

For industrial power generation, the most practical solution is steam turbines powered by superheated steam. The steam is generated with a thermal container and chrome coil immersed in molten salts. Creating 600, 800 or 1000C temperatures on the thermal element are well known by manually actuating heliostat movement via the linear actuator. It is automating this process that is so costly at present, my solution is cheaper than anything out there.   https://gosol.solar/SOL5 solar cooking design is easy to copy and automate with 1/300 degree tracking device. Their mirror setup is known as Fresnel arrays and is the most cost efficient mechanical means of concentrating solar power.

Nasa's satellites measuring gravitational anomalies determined that half the world's aquifers have gone beyond the point of no return. Only desalinating sea water will provide fresh water in the future.  Concentrating solar is ideally suited for desalination. But the present commercial solutions isn't cost effective.

So which industrial and mining power users do I contact and how to get hold of the relevant people with the technical knowledge?


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13 minutes ago, Stephanus said:

which industrial and mining power users do I contact

I used to know a guy, he could help you if the price was right, but unfortunately he had to flee to the UAE a few months ago...

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15 minutes ago, Stephanus said:

Patricia is into financial engineering, I would need to talk to a mechanical engineer. ;)

No man, not that one, the other one ... not sure who is in charge, then speak to the man who is in charge.  :-)

Till she fires him or whatnot. 

This one: Ian Nielson

Professional career
He worked across South Africa on various engineering projects. Key water supply projects that he worked on were a detailed basin study of the Luvuvhu River Basin (a tributary of the Limpopo River) and the Orange-Vaal Rivers Weir project (an envisaged alternative to the Lesotho Highlands Water Supply System). He also worked on a number of flood and storm water projects, most notable of which was the design of the canal system at Century City, Cape Town. It the latter part of his career he established himself as an expert in pipeline design and pipe network planning.

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