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14 minutes ago, plonkster said:

Sacrilege! Grab your torch and pitchforks fellas! Fellas!? Hey, where ya'll gone now!?


I am sure they are all back to work to pay for that blue luxury. But in all honesty, this is a start as a hobby while I have some cash flow to plan for later when more expenses creep in.  Don't have kids currently but while I have some cash to start building a system that can benefit us at a later stage.

Started off with a 500w 12v pure sine wave ups and 8 ups batteries. Back in 2015 when load shed started.

Then upgraded to 2 x 105 ah deep cycle batteries for the ups.

Then upgraded to a 600w 24v pure sine wave inverter with 4 x 105ah deep cycle batteries.

Stayed in a apartment and could not do anything with solar or bigger inverter.

That kept be going but now it is time for bigger. 

Latest addition is a grid tie inverter - Kstar Omega KSG 4k that has a 4000w 2 string input MPPT controller. 

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