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Coal supply t Eskom

Chris Louw

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Radio interview this morning . Xavier Prevost from XMP Consulting claims coal shortage to Eskom this year . Not enough investment in larger mines . Eskom is already moving large amounts of coal from Limpo to Mpumalanga  . Spokesperson claims there is 200 years of coal in the ground . Prevost there is not enough mining and Eskom can run out of coal this year . How serious is this .

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57 minutes ago, Chris Louw said:

How serious is this .

Personally I think we will never know for a fact the real state of anything in this and any other SOE saga's ...

Until a power station stops operating due to lack of coal that is.

A warning or will the minister shout "fake news"? 

Don't hold your breath. If indeed true, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

No-one can do anything about it this late as it take years to open a new mine / fix an existing one (if still viable) coupled with lots of strikes and that in-between.

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