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EMS on Infinisolar


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Hi Guys,

Maybe a stupid question, but what do I need in order to connect wires/cables to the EMS port on my infinisolar. I don't have a problem to program it, although I will still have to think on what Voltages I want to use when I do enable it. ( My 5kw infinisolar inverter is connected to 4 pylontech batteries)

 I am not sure whether I need a connector that clip into the EMS port and whether I just insert 2 wires? I also need to know what size wires to use.

My plan is to connect about 3 to 5 dedicated LED lights in my house and garage to the EMS port that would come on in the case that the batteries have discharged to a certain Voltage when there is no Eskom available to take over the load. My inverter will then shut off the AC outlet but keep power available on the EMS outlet. 


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That connector should be included in the box with the inverter. At least my Infini came with that connector in the package. 2 wires are okay, as one is phase and other is neutral. Ground wire is common.

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Socket is built-in.  But the plug should come in a bag with manual and comm cables. If not, its just a simple plug that you can buy in any shop selling resistors/diodes etc. Look: these two came with one unit. One is for EMS, other for Conn Dry. Physically they are the same.


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