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Would this be possible and legal

Chris Louw

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2 Inverters for system would this be possible

No 1 inverter Off Grid with separate DB to supply complete load . Connected to panels .

No 2 inverter only charging for bad weather days and supplementing solar charge . Only connected to Eskom DB AC  in and battery no AC supply to Eskom DB . No panels connected .

If possible should the inverters be installed in parallel when used for charging only .

Your opinions will be appreciated 


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Don't want to be the party-pooer gain, but if our current thinking about this is correct, there is still a problem here. The concern is that there is a path between the PV panels and the grid via the DC bus (section 4.4.3 of NRS097-2-1), and that situation still exists in this case: PV comes in via the MPPT of the first inverter , onto the low voltage DC bus (48V battery bank) and then potentially (inadvertently, fault condition, to be proven impossible by the manufacturer) leaves via the second one that is connected as a charger.

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21 minutes ago, Chris Louw said:

extra charging by generator will be the only solution

I don't know... this thing is horribly confusing, @SilverNodashi makes a good point that the mere additional of PV panels seems to be given more importance than it technically has, but it is what was chosen to identify  embedded generators, so that is what we are stuck with for now. I feel like we need a real expert to explain, as the SANS part is still somewhat Greek to me, and the SSEG regulations rely on that. Someone who knows the ins and outs of installing large UPSes.

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