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icc shows zero volt on grid???


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i just switched to icc v 1.5.0 and get this info, i rebooted it twice and also switched the disconnect twice, still same info re the grid - and it flickers red. there is power on the grid but icc indicates zero volt but plenty watt. your thoughts please.


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3 hours ago, Sidewinder said:

That's why I log into the pi, make a backup of the previous version, then press the "point of no return" UPGRADE button.

With Venus (the ccgx firmware) the storage is split into multiple partitions, and new versions is loaded alternately on these partitions so that booting the previous one is easy: Just tell the bootloader to boot the other one. You can always switch back and forth between the last two.

This is a really good way of doing it. The software for this, swupdate, is on github. It works best with u-boot, but you should be able to make it work with the native pi loader.

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