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Connect 4KW and 5KW Axpert(Mecer) inverters in parallel


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Hi All

I have 2 inverts in parallel 

1 x 4000va/5000kw model sol-i-ax-5m firmware-72.40 U2- 1.24

1 x 5000va/5000kw also model sol-i-ax-5m (think this one is actually a sol-i-ax-5p) firmware-72.61

8 x 220 AGM batteries 4 in series and in parallel with another 4.

8 x 260w solar panels on the roof all connected to the 4000va/5000kw also known as the pf0.8

They were not able to connect in parallel so I contacted the supplier and the send me firmware 72.61 to downgrade the new pf 1.0 machine and 72.70 to upgrade my old machine. After the fact I read that these two versions are not compatible either so I just took the old one back to 72.40.

I am not to sure if these are the best firmware for the two machines and now my batteries just go up to 50.3v max

Can I maybe use the same firmware on both machines?

Which firmware will be best for AGM batteries?

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