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Mini contactor

Chris Hobson

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Well, there is an easy out.

You can get 220V contactors rated at 10amps. Get the 4 pole one. Now connect all the contacts in paralle and there you have an 40Amp contactor :)

This is fine for resistive loads like elements.

For motors I would not go above 30Amps.

For lights I would not go above 20Amp this way.

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My local electrical supplier told me one cannot get mini contactors rated above 9A. Is this true? I need two rated at 20A. I see e-bay has got but worry about quality.

You don't mention how many poles, the din rail 2 pole is available in 20A and above.

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I had a look at these contactors online but couldnt get much technical info. Is the control circuit on these contactors DC or AC? What are the "specs" for the control circuit?


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