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6 Parallel vs. 12 Series Solar panels

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44 minutes ago, maxomill said:

hi guys

am I reading this right

at about 8ish your batteries are at about 25% soc  . does that mean 75 % depth of discharge ?

what are the cable sizes from the panels  . thin  bad thick is good

just asking



Yes it was at 75 DOD at 8:30. At this stage I am basically relying a lot on the batteries through the night. My meter is basically dead and doesn’t move. 

I will need to increase the bank a bit as to not get such a huge DOD. It also compensated for any grid use, such as the wine fridge and aircon unit. It is doing what it says on the tin. 

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@Atti2de - You are running a wine fridge and aircons off your batteries? 1. Wine Fridge! Seriously? 2.Aircons: Are you trying to purposely stress your batteries? I am hoping that the post was supposed to be humorous. Are you completely off-grid? If not, why are you stressing your Pylontechs with your Aircons, and so deeply discharged? I understand that they can last through such huge and multiple cycles, but at the price you paid there is no way you are going to recover your cost if you push them that hard?

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@KLEVA, what I was saying is that the inverter is feeding back into the grid to turn the meter back when it detects usage on the “grid only” circuit. I set the export limit to 0W now, let’s see if it doesn’t try to push the energy back for stuff it shouldn’t. 

I wasn’t expecting it to do it, nor trying to trash the batteries. I followed the instructions carefully and installed the EZ meter as directed. 

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Morning all!

Hope you had a great day yesterday. Must say that this is truly awesome. I have learnt quite a bit from you guys! Thank you especially to @Chris Hobson and @KLEVA. So, thus far I have basically been pushing back into the grid daily and only use the batteries when/ if required. The meter seems to have run backward....

Anyhow, awesome day of producing yesterday! You will see that in the late afternoon I decided to switch on the aircon (which is connected to the grid).

It seems the best way to do this is to use your system as a grid tie solution, with battery as backup. (In my case at least)


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Hi @Atti2de, thanks for all the great posts. I'l be installing a really similar setup to you in the near future and was also puzzling over 2 strings x  5 panels each OR 1 string x 10 panels (in my scenario). So this post has been really helpful in that regard.

Perhaps I missed the post but have you stuck with your 1 x 12 setup or reverted back to the 2 x 6?

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