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Battery Pack with Li-ion 18650 for my electric scooter


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Hello Dear Admin and fellow members,

My self Tej, Thanks allowing & adding me as member in Powerforum

To be fair am very new to batteries management and DIY Battery packs, learning to make my own battery pack with 18650 li-ion batteries

My Questions

1. i bought Kunray BLDC 2000 Watts 60V Motor along with Controller 

for that i need to make one battery pack using Samsung 26F

how many batteries are required for 60V 

what is best BMS for above BLDC motor 2000W 60V

2. i planning and thinking to make battery pack which runs 50 Miles and 100 Miles Respectively 

So please Guide me suggest how how to make a battery pack 

Thanks in advance

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Look for a website I think it is' secondlife storage' there a few threads on electric bikes. You need to decide on how many Ah battery pack will get you the required distance and go from there. The pack will be in multiples of 16. So if you decide you need a  60v 20Ah pack and you were using 2000mAh batteries the you would need 160 batteries in total made up of 16 packs in series and each pack contains 10 batteries in parallel.

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