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100Ah 12v Excis FMF100


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Hi all

I have 3x 12v Excis 100Ah FMF100 batteries. All bought in 2015 just as load shedding ended. They've been cycled about 6 times (twice for load shedding and the rest during some random power outages). Beyond that they were kept floating while connected to an Axpert Inverter.

I'm selling them because one of them got a dead cell recently (4th one which I'm obviously not selling :p ).

My prices is R600 each. PM me if you are interested!

EDIT: They look like this: https://www.sustainable.co.za/excis-smf100-12v-102ah-c20-stud-terminal-lead-calcium-battery.html

They also have threaded terminals and not studs (10mm)

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That's a decent price, sure someone could use - Shipping would be too expensive to make them worthwhile for me. Lesson learned, Calciums are not brilliant for long-term solar... Check in with @Mike if you are needing affordable replacements. RB200's are also not the perfect alternative for full Solar use, but if you are using these as a UPS type backup on an Axpert, then these are 10x better - and will give you double the backup time for almost the same cost you originally paid.

I have used my old Calciums in my Camper for holidays, on my Gate for a monster offline time, in my Merc when the battery failed (why buy new?), and as a monster UPS backup on my basic 1kVA that runs my office... They work fine for that.

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