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SD Pro direct is dead.


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I received the below email today @ 2pm. These guys had the nerve just last week to try sell me a whole pile of stock that they knew full well would be "voetstoots" and without any warranty or support. Shame on these unscrupulous people. Seems they were intentionally flogging stock until the very last minute, with NDA's on thier staff, or maybe staff complicate, and claim otherwise now, who knows. They are a black mark against solar energy market in SA. Probably best, they have been selling overpriced rubbish into the market for too long.

I wonder who will honour Solaire's Panel warranty now??! Is Solaire in France still in business?

This is the reason I NEVER spec or offer Chinese equipment bought into SA under "house brands". Buyer BEWARE! And the sales rep is still offering to service us with stock in his email. Thats just funny;-).

To all who read this who are lured in by low cost equipment - Stick to tier 1 companies with proven track records and legitimate warranties, and further who have local offices/employees to support thier products post sale. Penny wise and pound foolish! Not a saying for nothing.

Below the email from our sales rep:

Dear customer 

As you all received the mail about Solaire closing down it is sad for all of us but what can we do, I would like to apologise for not informing days ago cause we all signed a contract of confidentiality and we could not say anything, It was hard for us to lie but we had to hope you understand.

I would like to let you know that I can still be reached on the following contact Numbers and e-mail address.

"Deleted On Authors request"

I will still be able to provide you with panels batteries inverters and more price might be compatible but still very good prices.

Please give me till next week Wednesday to get my ducks in a row.

Thank you  

Kind regards 


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In retrospect, perhaps admin should omit the reps email address and telephone details. Or simply delete and I will re post sans the aforementioned. As this is a cautionary tail that needs to be told to all newbies entering the market.

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I bought Tenesol panels, they set up a factory in Cpt. That is some serious commitment.

One day I wanted to order more ... o no, sorry, we are closing down.

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14 minutes ago, The Terrible Triplett said:

I bought Tenesol panels, they set up a factory in Cpt. That is some serious commitment.

One day I wanted to order more ... o no, sorry, we are closing down.

Yip, was the same story with Solaire direct 5 yrs ago. Big factory setup in CT, lots of hype and media lapped it up, then gone, but they left behind this hap hazard wholesale arm to then sold PV panels (up until today) under “enersol” and “Aquasol”. 

Jinko also had a factory in CT for a while, but they also stopped a manfacturing here. Now just have a few staff and regional manager. We bought a bit from them. 

We have bought a lot of Enersol panels up to about 2 years ago when I decided it was a risk, turns out I was right, which I am now concerned about the system out there with these installed. Glad I never bought thier batteries or other house banded stuff, I knew better. Luckily.

Just stick with top 3 tier 1, being JA, Canadian etc.........

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36 minutes ago, LivSol said:

A, Canadian etc.........


How I look at the Tenesols and other makes, for the 10 year warranty and the 20 year on production, bla bla bla bla, for the EXACT reasons we are sharing here - will the company / warranty last that long?

All I bargain on minimum is that the panel / panels have generated more savings than what they cost, installation included. If you can re-use the installation, now that is a good investment!

And if the panel/s thereafter fail, so what, buy a new more efficient one and start over.

And if you are lucky and get 10-15+ years more out of them after they have paid for themselves, ... pure profit.

I think my Tenesols have paid for themselves a few times by now, as I was wide awake, using the above logic and found someone who knew about B-Grade panels. Their power is spot on, maybe a scratch here or there, you get a report per panel, but no warranty. So I took a chance. It worked!!!

Paid about R6.50 per watt for my 315w and 200w panels back when I bought them. Refuse to pay the then R10.50 on special. ;-)

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10 hours ago, The Terrible Triplett said:

I bought Tenesol panels, they set up a factory in Cpt

TTT can you remember, In 2016 somewhere someone posted a link, It was some kind of a rating or scoring system where different company's were rated and then based on the rating predictions was made as to how long they would be around to honor their guarantees / warrantys  ? 

Can you remember where to find it. It was used quite frequently in debates on witch panels to buy.   It included company like renesola , JA, canadian and a lot more.

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1 hour ago, Jaco de Jongh said:

Can you remember where to find it.

No, I cannot, sorry, but I do recall that, the warranties etc.

Yingli at the time was quite spoken about, being quite high on the list ... they pulled out I believe, of SA.

Solar panels become cheap because of so many manufacturers. They even built factories in SA, hoping the Gov would go "green" as SA has a lot of sun.

Then we had the Zupta's.

YES, in that time it drove prices down, fast, and the quality and the warranties - my Tenesols opened my eyes wide.

The companies who have refused to budge on price, Still at wot, I guess, R9.00 ex per watt, they seem to last.

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