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Really poor quality changeover


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I bought this breaker way back, probably 5 years ago. I threw it out not too long afterwards, because one day it failed to make contact, and because the terminals get damaged and it cannot be reused ever. Today I decided to open it.

Quick overall view. Just a lever pushing the contacts this way or that.


Screw terminal...


And this is why it fails. Because that little plate clips around the screw and is the only thing that holds the wire down. If you tighten it properly the first time, it strips out and can never be reused. Balanced against a small screwdriver for a better angle and for scale.


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agreed its not great, but i will give it one thing,  it has some shield plates on the screw terminals. i always like to see that because you wont believe how many times it happens that one would pull on a wire and it wasn't in the terminal, or more commonly only one strand caught in the clamp and the rest was flapping free. 

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10 hours ago, Weasel said:

shield plates

May main gripe is that after the first time it seems that plate strips out, when you loosen the terminal the plate does not retract. Now you cannot get a new wire in, and you have to toss the whole thing. I kept it in a box... thinking maybe I can figure out the problem some day. Yesterday was that day... and I promptly tossed it in the trash.

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