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New to this forum and have some basic questions


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Hey, I am new to this forum and hope to be a great part of it in the future. I have a lot of questions regarding the nature and installation of solar power systems but I am not going to ask them all at once and make this a big, long post. I will just ask some questions regarding batteries and solar batteries charging,

Q1 -  I have bought 2 AGM batteries from NARADA (each 170AH 12V) and hooked them up in series but when I came to set my charge controller (Morningstar Tristar MPPT 30A) I am missing some parameters including (Absorption voltage, absorption duration...etc), in the manual of the batteries only two things are stated (the float and equal. voltage)(Figure 1.1) along with this graph (Figure 1.2) so I guessed they have only stated the required settings for constant-voltage chargers and not for the 3-stages-chargers e.g, solar charger, so if you can kindly help me in how to set the absorption voltage and duration in my charge controller.

Q2 - this question is about the right interconnect cable size, which is used for connecting the batteries together. should I go for 2AWG, 1AWG, 1/0AW or 2/0AWG ? if my max battery current is around 60A.

Q3 - For future reference, Which deep-cycle battery's manufacturers would you guys recommend ?, meaning which company has the best profile, experience, and build quality when it comes to deep-cycle batteries ? 

Regards, Nabil.



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