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Supplier of battery cables, fuses in Cape Town?


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1 hour ago, NigelL said:

stocks or makes up battery cables

OnTrack in Somerset West. ExSolar, also in Somerset West. I am sure there are more, but these are the two I use.

1 hour ago, NigelL said:

DIN-Rail mountable Fuse holders and fuses

The holders are not too hard to come by. I bought mine from the local electrical supplier (not ACDC). They were rated 1000VDC. ACDC sells a 500V one, but only rated for AC. You can however get them online, eg from RS Components. You should also be able to get them from Rubicon. Let your fingers do the walking, call the local suppliers and find out what they have/can order in a day.

The fuses are also a little hard to find at local suppliers (and ACDC usually has no stock and what they have is way overpriced). I got mine at ExSolar, where I paid R35 a piece (which is not the cheapest, but a pretty common price to the man on the street). Sonopsolar also has them.

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1 hour ago, NigelL said:

Time for a visit to the Helderberg

If you're heading this way, there is an electrical supplier in the middle of town called Frontline electrical suppliers. They might have the fuse holders at a good price, it is where I got mine. They also sell things like trunking and you can buy flexible PVC conduit by the meter, don't have to take the whole roll. Which always helps. They don't have much in the way of DC stuff though... don't get too excited.

ACDC express is not far from there, if you need anything. Across the highway at Gants plaza.

OnTrack is on the other side of town, at the interchange against Paardevlei in Olive Grove business park. Sign in at the gate, then take a right at the circle, and a left at the junction, then go around the back. They don't have that particular fuse holder, but they have a lot of Victron stuff (busbars and fuse holders etc). The Mega Fuse holder is affordable and a good fuse for use in cable runs (eg to the inverter). Get your cables there too, they can cut and crimp. No card facilities unfortunately (they moved recently), it's either EFT or cash.

Then whatever you could not find, you go up the road (still at the interchange) and head to ExSolar. They stock the 10x38 cartridge fuses, among others, although last time I was there they only had 10A and not 12A fuses. Thankfully 10A is "just" sufficient for my purposes.

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