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rasberry pi, ubuntu, icc, laptop


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ok guys, there are things i know and a lot i don't know. even trying to formulate this 'question' will emphasize my lack of knowledge.

if most of the iccs are being monitored via rasberry pi the latter must have its own os. ubuntu can be loaded on the latest rasberries, will icc communicate with ubuntu or only the rasberry proprietary os?

and if icc can communicate with ubuntu then it should also be able to communicate with a laptop having that os, not?

i ask this 'cause i think the win10/icc seems far less flexible than the icc most of you run via the rasberry - now this is an assumption.

the background off this is the distance from my pv system to my pc, 20m. it is not possible to get efficient cables between the pylontech batteries and the pc running icc on win10 in order to get the axpert to see the correct soc for switching purposes; enter an old laptop which is dual boot win10 and ubuntu which i can place next to the pv setup. if used in win10 i know how to remote access from my pc, if it runs in ubuntu i'll still have to figure that one out.

hoping that the above makes some sense, i appeal for assistance

God bless



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5 minutes ago, gabriel said:

rasberry proprietary os

No such thing. The rpi can run windows, but that is the only proprietary OS for the pi. The rest are all various open source OSes, usually linux, and the most popular ones are all derivatives of Debian (that includes both ubuntu and raspbian).

7 minutes ago, gabriel said:

and if icc can communicate with ubuntu then it should also be able to communicate with a laptop having that os, not?

In principle yes. But there are two sides to this coin. There are what we call "system calls", this is when an application asks the operating system to do something for it (like allocate memory, or reading something from disk). System calls will be identical between Pi and PC. The rest of the machine code, however, still has to be compiled for the target platform, so you cannot simply run ICC that was built for a pi and run it on a PC. You (or at least the software maintainer) can however recompile the exact same source code on another linux machine, and because it has the same versions of the software, it will then produce x86 instructions that works absolutely identically.

Since ICC it in itself proprietary, you would have to ask the maintainer to compile one for you.

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