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more than 200Ah battery bank on Axpert 5Kva?


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Does anyone know what will happen if you put a larger battery bank on the Axpert 5Kva, than 200Ah as per the manual?

Will it cause damage, or will it simply stay under-charged since the charging Amp isn't enough?


This brings another question though, if you have a 400Ah battery bank and only draw say 20Ah (let's stay with Amps for this calculation), but recharge at 125Ah (3000W  / 48V), will it fully charge the battery bank? I think, theoretically it would, but can anyone confirm this?



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 I understood the 200Ah to be a minimum not a maximum.


Yes, they suggest that the minimum is 200Ah, because if you are thinking about it, if you draw full load from the inverter @ 4000W and 48V you draw 83 amps from the battery bank (losses ignored) - how long would a smallish battery bank be able to sustain that?


The 5KVA Axpert can charge the batteries at 60A via solar and 60A via utility and combine the two to 120A - it is recommended to charge the batteries at C10, thus you can effectively add a 1200Ah battery bank and still charge it without a problem. You may even add a bigger bank, but you'll have to manage it and ensure that you can keep the bank charged or not partially charge it and use it on a regular basis - here I'm not referring to the odd rainy day, but rather to daily cycling.

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