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Victron gel batteries


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34 minutes ago, Herman said:

Do anyone have any experience with Victron's Gel batteries (BAT412201104)?

It's a good battery, but there is nothing really special about it, it's really just a top end gel battery. On the Long Life Gel you get 1500 cycles to 80% DoD! Nothing more really to say about it, other than you do pay a bit of a premium for that quality.

I only have personal experience with the AGM batteries. I got them second hand from a company that closed offices and threw out the UPS batteries, I used them for a good two years and sold them on for scrap value. They are now on the farm next to @Chris Hobson, but I didn't keep in touch with them and they don't write home so I don't know... :-P I was very happy with them for the most part, so I'd expect the gel batteries to be excellent.

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