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Victron inverters


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7 hours ago, Frodo said:

Which Victron inverter models can one consider to pair with 8kW PV panels?

It's not really the panels that are the determining factor. You size the inverter according to the peak load you need to supply (when off grid or backup). But there is somewhat of a correlation of course. If you have 8kwp of PV, you can make between 30kwh and 45kwh a day, and you may want to size the inverter to be able to at least use that much in a day, which would mean the absolute smallest is going to be a 5kva unit. You should probably look at an 8kva.

7 hours ago, Frodo said:

Do they offer grid tied or hybrid solutions? 

Yes. The Multiplus and the Quattro are hybrid inverters, and per definition (of the word hybrid :-) ) it does tie with the grid if so configured.

Victron does not have a purely grid-tied (aka no battery) inverter though.

2 hours ago, Frodo said:

Do you connect the solar panels directly to the inverter?

No. Perhaps this is what you meant by "hybrid" above (I see that mistake often enough). The inverter is just an inverter/charger, there is no built-in MPPT as with other multi-function units. You use an external MPPT (one or more). The system is tied together using a Color Control or Venus-GX control unit. This controls all the bits and pieces. So it is a bit like building your own truck using Lego technic instead of just buying a Tonca truck :-)

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