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On 2023/04/03 at 4:14 PM, riogrande75 said:

On the czech site I found following fw upgrade files for the 3k/3k+:

I had a quick scan of the latest of those firmwares, because that's what I do 😎

Alas, while the main firmware is TI C2000 DSP, I could not find any commands that I recognise as carrying a firmware version number; it seems to leave that sort of thing to the "slave" processor.

I don't even know what chip the slave processor is. The firmware file is in Motorola format, but it's more than 64k in size, so it's not the usual 8-bit Freescale HCS08-like instruction set. I see standard looking commands in there (not even "secure" commands starting with the '^' character), but not knowing the chip used, it's hopeless guessing what version it is.

Astonishingly, there doesn't seem to be any clue what the firmware versions are! The only slight hint is "with Pylontech Li battery support".

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Recently i buy 1 used inverter in ebay of germany, seller update firmware in inverter for firmware Infini 3K (06/2014), inverter is working, but have problem with the fans, it's working all time ( with or Without load), i don't understand why fans working all time, i suspect is firmware version

Anyone can send me the old or new firmware for this inverter to fix fans working all time?

Thank You

José Araújo

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