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Preferred method of connecting two wires to circuit breaker?


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Is there a preferred method of connecting two or three wires to a single terminal of a circuit breaker?  I have seen installations where two wires are twisted around each other and then clamped in the terminal, but have also seen comments that this is very bad practice.

I see that SANS 10142-1 does not allow more than 3 wires to be connected to a single terminal.

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I pretty much shove both of them in there side by side and clamp it down. End of story :-)

If one wire is multi-stranded and the other is not, then sometimes this practice yields less than optimal results (ie the thicker wire takes away most of the clamping force and the other one might not be properly clamped.

Some breakers (ABB for example) have two insertion points. This is actually there so that you can have a busbar in the one, and an additional connection on the other one, but also helps when you need to connect more than one wire.



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