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Goodwe 4.6ES

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Good day. I’m new to this forum. I installed a Goodwe 4.6ES with 17 x 330w Canadian Solar panels and 3 x Pylontech Lithium Ion Batteries. 

It produces about 30kWh per day. Batteries are used at night and have about 30% SOC in the morning. Electricity bill has been reduced to R140 pm. 

Had a great electrician install it with a COC. Very professional and neat. 


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2 hours ago, Atti2de said:

Hey @Leshen!


Like your install man! A fellow Goodwe lover! 

Add another two Pylontech's so that the SOC doesn't go that low... You will get more lifetime out of your batteries.

Also, why don't you set it to mode 3 (backup)? My batteries basically sit by and idle.

Hey there. 

I didn’t want to use Eskom at night, so the batteries takeover at night. If I had the opportunity to export power back to the grid and use the grid as a battery bank and turn the meter back, then I would just use the Pylontechs when Eskom is offline, but unfortunately I have a smart meter at home which is a shame. 

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Just now, Leshen said:

I am using the batteries at night. If the batteries sit idle and only work when there is a power failure, then are you using Eskom at night? 

That's why I'm asking, because to spend R60k for standby in-case of power failure only seems overkill.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey guys!

Yeah I had it in 'standby' mode. 

At the moment, I am pushing so much power back that I can run everything for a month without paying. I think I may have too many batteries; but then once again, if the power fails and is off for a few days, then I would be ok.

I guess I can set it to use some batteries at night...

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