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AC/DC Surge Protection Device Wiring examples, How to interpret the SPD Clamping Voltage Uc


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Probably the most important parameter to consider choosing SPD's is UC- maximum continuous operating voltage SPDs are voltage-limiting devices and it is important to select an SPD that will not attempt to clamp slight overvoltages at 50 Hz. Uc is a guide to how rugged the SPD is against overvoltages. If the SPD attempts to clamp the voltage continuously, then this can result in damage to the SPD or even a fire hazard if the SPD gets hot. Overvoltages can occur due to mains voltage temporarily rising and forcing the SPD to conduct the top and bottom of every half cycle. The SPD can get into a similar type of conduction at its end of life whereby its clamp voltage drifts down. Eventually this voltage can be low enough to clamp the normal voltage.

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