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Axpert LCD not showing solar panels hence no battery charging

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On 2018/11/30 at 2:45 PM, Cee Phiri said:

I installed a 5000V Axpert Inverter. It recognises the batteries but the solar panels are not being recognised hence the batteries are not being charged by solar.

Got a solution for the Setting Code H5 from this forum.



It seems the solar panels are either not connected, or not getting power through to the inverter. Can you measure the voltage on the PV terminals on the inverter, and also make sure the Positive (red) cable goes into the "+" terminal, and the Negative (black) into the "-" terminal.


If there's no volt reading, it could be either one of the following problems.

1. If there's fuses, it could have blown a fuse.

2. If there are no fuses, it could have blown a diode on the panels.

3. Or you could have a loose connection somewhere.

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1 hour ago, Justice Mugwena said:

Solar panels not showing on the inverter screen, 

Are you seeing the frame and no cells, or no frame at all?

The below shows one row of cells inside the frame.

Only patched firmware shows 0, 1, 2, or 3 rows of cells in the PV icon as a crude bar graph of PV power. No cells (empty frame) means patched firmware and less than 500 W of PV power. It could be charging at 490 W for example.

If you are showing ~84 V of PV voltage, you should at least see the PV frame and the dotted line leading from it.


LCD PV 1 row.jpg

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