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Solar Batteries – Silver Bullets Or Expensive Toys?


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Remember Aussies prices vary but a good average is 0.23 AUD per unit and a demand charge of  $ 9.00 per month. Compare to R2500 for Eskom demand charge and R1.23 per unit batteries make sense for some installs in South Africa. As @plonkster TTT and others have argued it is about parity  and we are rapidly approaching that point in South Africa.

As an aside I had lunch with a client today and I mentioned that the power was off in town and I had just come from the dry cleaners which was chaos as they were unloading machines that were halfway through a cycle- wet laundry everywhere. 

Grant said he hadn't realised the power was off - I must admit I got a kick out off that.

Another client let me know by WhatsApp that it was the 4th of 5th time that they had stolen cables that feed his suburb with about 6000 homes. I think the pawpaw is still going to strike the fan.


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