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Victron upload to Emoncms

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Since I moved my system to grid tie - going the Victron ESS way - the one thing that I do not like is the fact that you have little control over the data at the vrm.victronenergy.com site. I know you can download the data but that is way too much effort for my liking :) .

I have played with Emoncms , like the way they handle data for analysis and I did not want to use a R-pi or other device to upload the data to my Emon server so I decided to create a script that will upload the data directly to the emon server from my Color control.

Keep in mind that I am fooling around :) . So please edit if you can find a way to do it better !!

Here is the link : dBus-Emoncms

Enjoy !


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hi paul,

thanks for your script, but can you help me with this,

I have a bmv-702 with temperature sensor, and i like to send this (temp) to emoncms too. can you help me to do that ?

I try add this in dbus-emoncms.py but the script stop to working :(

thanks in advance

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