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Solis 4G 12kW - Dual-MPPT - 3Phase Grid Tie Inverter


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On 2018/12/08 at 7:22 PM, soic said:


Anyone heard of this before?

Dual MPPT, is that for charging as well?

Solis is a grid tied inverter meaning it must have the grid up to be working, i.e. it switches OFF when the grid is down (load shedding)

It does not have charge control for batteries. It supplies power during the day only, so it must provide what you use, i.e. if you don't have a  10+kW load then a 12kW is a waste.

You need to calculate your daytime load first, then decide what grid tied size you need. It is also important to determine what runs at what time of the day to "manage" your load.

For example, I had the same idea and once I reduced my loads, solar geyser, etc. my daytime loads went down to 8kWh with 3kW peaks when the pool pump, washing machine, vacuum etc was running. So a 3.5kW should be fine, as long as there is sufficient sun and that is where your panels need to play their part.

Keep in mind that if your load is 4kW and your panels are only producing 2 kW, the Solis (grid tied) will "add" the additional 2kW from the grid.

But all this fails once load shedding kicks in :(

As @plonkster mentioned in a previous post, you can connect a UPS for all your essential loads when the power goes down.

The Solis will then be used to charge the UPS batteries but also keep in mind that a UPS is designed for power failures and not for daily use, the batteries will never last for daily usage.


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On 2018/12/08 at 7:34 PM, soic said:

clearly i'm new to this right?

question ... will i be able to connect a charge controller with this inverter?

No need to. The charge controller is built-in.


The dual MPPT simply implies that you can run two strings of solar panels, if for example you need to have some on the western side of your roof and some on the eastern side. Generally you do this if you don't have a north facing roof.


OR, if you want to run two dissimilar strings. But I've connected many dual MPPT's with the same panels and same roof facing surface area without an issue.

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