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Location of Backed Up Load Earth Leackage - question

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Hi all

After having my change over switch fail on Friday (it only worked on the eskom input - fortunately) and replacing it I realised that my earth leackage after the inverter is wired as follows:

PS - I have three phase - so 2 phases are not backed up and one phase is used for the backed up loads.


My question is shouldn't the backed up load E/L rather be wired on the OUT of the change-over switch?  As it stands now it doesn't look like my backed up loads have any E/L protection when the change over switch is set to eskom/bypass?

The plug on the diagram is just an additional surface mount plug I had put in near the inverter.  This plug is obviously also not working when in bypass/eskom.

ie. should it rather look like this?


Also, should I perhaps have another 32A breaker between the inverter AC out and C/O switch?

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