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Float charge setting on Axpert Inverter


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Good day. I would like to test your opinion on the float charge setting on the 5kva Axpert inverter. I am off grid and Cycle use my batteries. I have 3 strings of 12 v CSB batteries HRL12500W adding up to 48V. The cycle use of the batteries require 14.4to 15V per battery charging. Do I set the float charge voltage setting on the Inverter the same as the bulk charge voltage? Mine is set on 58V.



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Hi @MalanT. No, you should definitely not set the float voltage the same as the so-called "bulk" voltage (which is really absorb voltage). From your battery manufacturer's datasheet, you should set it somewhere between 54.0 V and 55.2 V. If you're in a warm climate you should use a voltage in the lower half of that range, i.e. 54.6 V or less.

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