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Replus data capture via USB


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With the help of postings from @jhay from a couple of years back, with contributions from @plonkster, @The Terrible Triplett and others I hacked around with some code from https://github.com/MindFreeze/hassio-axpert and managed to capture some data from my Replus IH3KW-48-V.

Whilst running off the battery with about 1kW load, the display looks like so:


The data captured off the inverter at about the same time is like so:


Here's how it looks when its recharging the battery and also supplying that 1kW hairdryer:


(I marked the gridwatts as minus if we are pulling from the grid, since this is a grid-tied inverter and can push back if configured to do so)

(And yes, my grid volts is often around 200v - I guess its not a 1kW hairdryer when its only getting 209V)

This is the result of the QT, QCHGS and QPIGS commands.

The raw returns from the commands are like so:

00.0 53.2 25.0 53.2
000.0 000000 00.0 0004.4 230.5 01023 50.0 004.4 034 395.0 395.0 049.9 ---.- 084 00000 01120 ----- 009.8 ---.- ---.- 037.0 D---11020

I've got a few questions if anyone might know the answer:

  1. Has any better documentation turned up since 2016?
  2. Does anyone know what the difference is between the QPIGS 4th and 8th fields are (the two 4.4s) - so I can label them right.
  3. Is there a command to get the current flow out of the battery?  At the moment I can only think to do something like max(0, (InverterWatts - PVWatts)) / BatteryVolts = 22.44A in this case
  4. Is there documentation somewhere as to commands that I can send to change inverter settings?  Specifically - the inverter has completely the wrong idea as to the SOC of the Pylon battery.  So I'd like to poll the batteries by the console port and use that accurate info to control the inverter.  (I know ICC can do this stuff, and I'm sure its a great product worth every cent.  But I'm already far down the rabbit-hole at home with OpenEnergyMonitor, HomeAssistant and Nodered and the closed ICC product doesn't fit into that very well).


Steve / Elbow



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I am not sure if the Replus is the same commands as the Axpert....

I have the following...

#Axpert Commands and examples
#QPI            # Device protocol ID inquiry
#QID            # The device serial number inquiry
#QVFW           # Main CPU Firmware version inquiry
#QVFW2          # Another CPU Firmware version inquiry
#QFLAG          # Device flag status inquiry
#QPIGS          # Device general status parameters inquiry
                # GridVoltage, GridFrequency, OutputVoltage, OutputFrequency, OutputApparentPower, OutputActivePower, OutputLoadPercent, BusVoltage, BatteryVoltage, BatteryChargingCurrent, BatteryCapacity, InverterHeatSinkTemperature, PV-InputCurrentForBattery, PV-InputVoltage, BatteryVoltageFromSCC, BatteryDischargeCurrent, DeviceStatus,
#QMOD           # Device mode inquiry P: PowerOnMode, S: StandbyMode, L: LineMode, B: BatteryMode, F: FaultMode, H: PowerSavingMode
#QPIWS          # Device warning status inquiry: Reserved, InverterFault, BusOver, BusUnder, BusSoftFail, LineFail, OPVShort, InverterVoltageTooLow, InverterVoltageTooHIGH, OverTemperature, FanLocked, BatteryVoltageHigh, BatteryLowAlarm, Reserved, ButteryUnderShutdown, Reserved, OverLoad, EEPROMFault, InverterSoftFail, SelfTestFail, OPDCVoltageOver, BatOpen, CurrentSensorFail, BatteryShort, PowerLimit, PVVoltageHigh, MPPTOverloadFault, MPPTOverloadWarning, BatteryTooLowToCharge, Reserved, Reserved
#QDI            # The default setting value information
#QMCHGCR        # Enquiry selectable value about max charging current
#QMUCHGCR       # Enquiry selectable value about max utility charging current
#QBOOT          # Enquiry DSP has bootstrap or not
#QOPM           # Enquiry output mode
#QPIRI          # Device rating information inquiry - nefunguje
#QPGS0          # Parallel information inquiry
                # TheParallelNumber, SerialNumber, WorkMode, FaultCode, GridVoltage, GridFrequency, OutputVoltage, OutputFrequency, OutputAparentPower, OutputActivePower, LoadPercentage, BatteryVoltage, BatteryChargingCurrent, BatteryCapacity, PV-InputVoltage, TotalChargingCurrent, Total-AC-OutputApparentPower, Total-AC-OutputActivePower, Total-AC-OutputPercentage, InverterStatus, OutputMode, ChargerSourcePriority, MaxChargeCurrent, MaxChargerRange, Max-AC-ChargerCurrent, PV-InputCurrentForBattery, BatteryDischargeCurrent
#PEXXX          # Setting some status enable
#PDXXX          # Setting some status disable
#PF             # Setting control parameter to default value
#FXX            # Setting device output rating frequency
#POP02          # set to SBU
#POP01          # set to Solar First
#POP00          # Set to UTILITY
#PBCVXX_X       # Set battery re-charge voltage
#PBDVXX_X       # Set battery re-discharge voltage
#PCP00          # Setting device charger priority: Utility First
#PCP01          # Setting device charger priority: Solar First
#PCP02          # Setting device charger priority: Solar and Utility
#PGRXX          # Setting device grid working range
#PBTXX          # Setting battery type
#PSDVXX_X       # Setting battery cut-off voltage
#PCVVXX_X       # Setting battery C.V. charging voltage
#PBFTXX_X       # Setting battery float charging voltage
#PPVOCKCX       # Setting PV OK condition
#PSPBX          # Setting solar power balance
#MCHGC0XX       # Setting max charging Current          M XX
#MUCHGC002      # Setting utility max charging current  0 02
#MUCHGC010      # Setting utility max charging current  0 10
#MUCHGC020      # Setting utility max charging current  0 20
#MUCHGC030      # Setting utility max charging current  0 30
#POPMMX         # Set output mode       M 0:single, 1: parrallel, 2: PH1, 3: PH2, 4: PH3

#PPCP000        # Setting parallel device charger priority: UtilityFirst - notworking
#PPCP001        # Setting parallel device charger priority: SolarFirst - notworking
#PPCP002        # Setting parallel device charger priority: OnlySolarCharging - notworking

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Thanks for the responses.  I took the docs that @Coulomb posted and tested all the queries against my Replus branded inverter.

Most seem to work the same, a few I can't get to work (the "total generation" year / month /day / hour ones) and a couple have extra fields in the response.

Here's my list:  Google Sheet: Replus IH3KW-48-V testing serial commands

I guess that gives me some confidence to try some of the "settings" ones and see what happens.



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