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150/85 Victron controller-used less than 2 years for sale


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Hi I am selling the controller for R2000. Its as good as new. I had it on my home system for 2 years, but the installer was incompetent and the system was off most of that time. Had to switch to a smart controller after going over to lithium batteries. Kind Regards,Herman

20181206_104404 (Large).jpg

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9 minutes ago, VisN said:

If this is good for 48V and will work with Venus GX  and ESS then I'll take it.

It is good for 48V. It's limited in terms of ESS. It cannot handle current limiting. It can however follow the voltage of the rest of the system. If you don't need a current limit in your system, then it works perfectly well. I have a 150/70 (same as this one, just without cooling fan) and it works perfectly with my ESS system... but that is because I don't use a current limit. My LFPs can take all the power my system makes.

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