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1 hour ago, plonkster said:

Now open source it... for once... so that there's at least one open source product that others can start with :-)

I plan to do just that....after I have inserted the code for BMV, timer etc....and fine tuned the sqlite3 database.

Here is a fully working excel sheet with working visual basic code that others can start with so long. Credit goes entirely to 'Gruppo' from the Italian forum Alternative energy for the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet works on serial port...

I have translated most of the Italian text to english...


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18 hours ago, GVC said:

I decided to design my own little system in python gui. pyQt4

It took me some time to master it , but I reckon in the end I will have a system that meets my requirements. It is still not finished but now that I have finally come to grips with PyQt4 it is going much faster...

My Gui.PNG

Here is a Python script that I used to upload the maximum amount of data to emoncms it served me well at the time. But I dont use it anymore. Maybe you can use it in your work. 



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I have decided to post my python gui here if anyone wants to check it out.

N.B. I am an amateur coder so if you see any oopsies feel free to point them out or even better fix them. The logging to SQlite3 database is not connected yet, The gui will create a table but not populate it yet.

You need the following loaded on you computer.







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For the type of GUIs you guys are creating, I recommend using MD Python. It has been a game changer for me, the drag and drop GUI Designer saves so much time and frustration and it’s also free. As you could probably tell you just drag and drop premade GUI features and they are ready to be used. If you want to play with the code and add some flair, you can generate the GUIs as Python code. As with all good things, it’s got a downside: you have a limited amount of GUI elements you can use. There is a solution, MD Python Designer but it is £15. If you’re interested here are the links you’ll find most useful:

MD Python (https://labdeck.com/python/)

MD Python Designer (https://labdeck.com/python-designer/)

The Python GUI Designer (https://labdeck.com/python/python-gui-designer/)

And if your interested they have their own coding language, from what I’ve seen it’s based on C++ and its seems simpler and neat. The code can also be used for other things and it’s got some cool uses. It’s not really for me but if it interests you go at it.

Cool links for it:




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