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Majoor Doppies

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2 hours ago, Majoor Doppies said:

Hi All

KIndly advise what aH battery/batteries would be required to rub a 650w fridge. Would a 2KW inverter suffice? What wattage PV should be used


If your fridge uses 650W continuously (not just peak) its time to dump your 1970's Kelvinator and buy a fridge from this millennium :P

My fridge does 600W peak, and around 150W continuous once its going, so in my case I just needed a inverter that would be able to handle the surge power of 600W, and the continuous discharge of 150W (Mind you that's just for the fridge, I also have other stuff connected) and I get away perfectly fine with my 800VA Multiplus, its rated for 700W continuous and 1.4KW peak, and I managed to trip it for the first time the other day, or well actually my wife did, she connected the fridge and the chest freezer to the multi after a long outage at exactly the same time, the Multi went up to almost 1.5KW but then it tripped.


Always try to over-spec/future-proof your items as well, your needs/wants list will be ever growing once you start down this solar/battery backup path. 

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