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Infinisolar 3KW Plus Hybrid inverter


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I'm looking for a little info/advice regarding an Infinisolar 3KW+ Hybrid inverter.
I'm running one of these at home with solar panels and batteries and a separate DB that the inverters load circuit supplies. This inverter fed DB has all the important circuits in the house connected like lights, office and of course the TV cabinet...
On average I run between 1.3 amps to 3.8 amps through the inverter load circuit, depending of course on what is running.

What I would like to do is add a contactor to the DB and have the contactor activated by the Eskom feed and therefore the contactor would be off when there is no Eskom power.
My intention is to then add in most of the rest of the house, probably excluding the stove and geyser, so that on the good solar days the solar is also supplying things like fridge, kettle, microwave, vacuum cleaner and whatever else my be running.
My idea about using the contactor is so that when Eskom is off then the "less essential" devices in the house are also off and therefore the inverter is only supplying power to the essential devices, whether it be via solar or batteries. This is mainly for non-solar or low solar times and the batteries are used to supply the load circuit and therefore the batteries won't get depleted so quickly by the heavy power using devices.

My questions regarding the Infinisolar inverter is thus...
Devices like vacuum cleaners, and other motors, have a relatively high startup power draw, be it for a short time, and my concern is what the inverter will do at that time if the power draw spikes above the 3KW point?
If I'm understanding the spec sheet correctly it states "Nominal Output Current" as 13A and "Maximum Output Fault Current" and "Maximum output Overcurrent Protection" as 51A so in theory it should cope with this???

My other concern is lets say the vacuum is running, among the other usual devices, and the total draw is at 2.5KW and then the kettle is turned on which is rated as 3200W. This would take the load well over the 3000W spec but well within the fault/overcurrent value.
Would the inverter draw the extra current from its Eskom feed and supply the load with the extra or would it just go into fault mode and shut itself down???

I've searched for any kind of information regarding this but can't find anything useful.
It would be great if anyone could answer this for me, whichever way it turns out. I wouldn't want to try what I want to do and end up with a blown inverter or something...

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