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A decent but not over-priced 2 row DB for DIN breakers?


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Hi all,

I want to try to finish building my sub-board for my inverter.

I have about 300mm of space to the left of my main board - but I will need more than 12 spaces.

So I'm looking for a good quality but not over-expensive surface mount DB with 2 rows.

Veti (Major-tech) sells this one for R459:


So these DBs are definitely on the cheap side - but this would work size wise and the 12 way I used at the inverter looks neat.

I found also this Hager one - VS212TF,

This is the "Golf" range - not sure how much it costs and where to get it in Cape Town:


Are there other options I should look for - I looked at Schneider but the prices seemed to be very high.


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18 minutes ago, Elbow said:

I found also this Hager one - VS212TF,

I have this one. I can really recommend it. But as I recall it was on the other side of R600. ElectroMechanika lists it for around R550 ex VAT.

Considering what some of the other brands sell for, this is actually not too bad... and the frustration with stupid short earth/neutral bars and dumb things like that when you do go cheaper is just not worth it.

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22 hours ago, Mark said:

I have the Veti 3 level and it works great!!



I see you have multiple changeover switches?  Looks like each is fed by a different phase from the grid side.

Is this so you have finer control over which loads are on the inverter, or just to avoid a 3 phase changeover switch?

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