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BSL Battery Cable


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Good evening all,

I currently have 2 x Deye 8KW inverters in parallel and 10 x BSL Bull 5.2KW batteries, majority are 105AH and one is 120AH, we recently had the batteries moved to battery cabinets and I made up  battery communication cables, however the inverter seems to be missing the capacity of two batteries, when using solar assistant I can see all 10 battery packs.  

So I am not sure if the communication cables are the cause or the problem, my question is can I swap communication cables one at a time with the batteries on or do I need to shutdown all the batteries before switching cables?


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I have done tests similar when commissioning to ensure all batteries are working with Sunsynk and BSL. It should be more or less the same with Deye. Start by switching off the last slave battery circuit breaker for (slave 9) and disconnect its comms cable while monitoring the inverters bms screen it should drop down from say 1050AH to 945AH. Repeat procedure by switching off (slave 😎 and carry on till you get all the way to the master battery the reading should than be for master battery only and about 105AH. That should give you indication where the problem cable is. To switch back on, do same in reverse. Plug in comms and switch on breaker (slave 1) while monitoring the bms screen. AH should increase with 105AH. Wait at least 20 seconds in-between the switching for inverter to respond to the changes made, it should than display the new AH reading.

Just ensure you don't have large loads on when starting to switch off batteries because it can overload your batteries and trip your system. Hope this helps.

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