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Noob earthing questions


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long story short 


panels are up and cables are run (nothing is connected)


surge protection , does the pv and battery need own dedicated spd's ? or can i just bridge to a singular one 


then for the earth bar in the dc db , can i run an earth from the house db to there and connect it to the existing earth for the house ? 



I'm going to hit a spike near the panels and earth them to that just incase of lightning strikes. but they are almost 50m from where the house db and cobiners,inverter and batt are so I'm trying to figure now do i need two spd's or one and do i need to hit another earth spike or can piggyback off the existing one 



AGAIN nothing is connected(that will only happen by someone qualified once they're happy with the rest of the installation), i have done some of this in past and am working off advice from engineers and electricians at work (they're all just away at various sites now ) 

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