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LF: ha02s battery balancer


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Hi guys, new on this group. Before I start looking to import a HA-02s battery balancer, just to want to check if someone local/Cape Town got a new or second hand one that they want to sell. 


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Hi - Late to the party, but use the HA02's for a lot, not just Solar. eg: cordless drill batteries charging

As mentioned, @Chris Hobson carries these most of the time, so don't have the import/post office stress. Just get from him.

The HA02 cater for anything from about 2VDC up to about 20VDC balancing, and the batter tech is "almost" irrelevant, but bear in mind that they are only designed for smaller differences and charge currents - if your batteries are broken, then they can't help with that. (see my melted batteries post in the blogs, they had an HA02 attached, but the cells shorted).

I highly recommend the HA02s for almost any installation of solar, but even if you race RC cars and are charging batteries for that, the HA02s are often cheaper and work better the balancers you buy elsewhere that are limited to specific voltages.

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