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Infinisolar 5k question


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The Infinisolar 5k has 2 x MPPT Controllers and can accommodate 10kW PV.

Only 5kW can be used on the DC side or to feed into the grid... what happens with the surplus if more than 5kW PV is installed?

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Hi Frodo,

I have 2 of these units running in parallel. You can have 10kWp of solar panels attached and the single InfiniSolar 5K Plus unit is able to deliver 5kW of power to the loads+grid and 5kW of power to charge the battery. Both at the same time. So, if you have a good orientation of solar panels, then every watt gets utilized.

- If the battery is full, and the loads are not demanding power, all the excessive power goes to the grid. But the max is 5kW, that's the rating of internal DC/AC inverter circuit.

- If the battery is full, loads are not demanding power, and you have disabled feed-in to the grid, then Infini will adjust it's MPPT and stops drawing the current from the solar modules. So, the power will not even be generated.

Am I clear?


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Yes, thanks.

so power fed to the grid and loads simultneously will be limited to a total of 5kW combined on a single inverter?

with 2 in parallel, it will be a max load and feed in of 10kW combined?

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But keep in mind that there might be some official regulations on how much power you can feed to the grid per single phase. If that's the case then you have to limit the value in the inverter settings (infini has this setting too).

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